Alufælge centerkapsel 60 mm - SPORT - 4 stykker

These wheel center caps for all brands and models of rims will perfectly fit in case when your center cap is lost or you just need to change the logo as your car has.

This is is set of 4 pcs of two products - plastic center cap and aluminium sticker with logo. This is not a genuine part.



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Now you need to select right variant of cap base for

your rims

Steps to select the right variant of the wheel center cap:

If you have the original cap available, measure and record as precisely  as possible (preferably using a sliding scale) dimensions as shown in the below drawing.

- You do not have the original center cap on the wheel? No problem, HERE is
  manual how to measure dimensions from the alloy wheel,

click image to view zoomed image in new window

cover blueprint

- the most important are are figures A, B and C, all others are just for orientation

Compare the measured value with the table below and select the correct variant of the cover from the drop down menu just above the ADD TO CART BUTTON.


click image to view zoomed image in new window


 table picture


Once you have selected a variant, press ADD TO CART BUTTON




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